Casino royale mathis

casino royale mathis

If Vesper was the traitor then did he just say that to throw Bond and MI6 off and keep them confused? Edit: Autocorrect changed it from Royale. Bond, Vesper and Rene Mathis meet near the Hotel where we find out how Casino Royale () - L. This has just come up on another thread as a sideline. What do you all think? Mathis was taken away at the end of Casino Royale and sweated. The torture scene only makes sense [to me at least] IF Le Chiffre doesn't work directly for Quantum and therefore can't get his money before Quantum come for him White, dem Repräsentanten eines internationalen Netzwerks von Terrorgruppen. This scene appears in the source novel by Ian Fleming, albeit with a paper note rather than an SMS. Ya the de hull are reversed. Mathis regelt ook kaartjes voor het feest van Dominic Greene. I think Mathis was infact a Triple agent, By asking Bond for forgivness he was playing a double bluff, so Bond would think he was only a double agent, Infact he knew what Bond knew and some of what Bond didn't know, While Bond knew only some of What Mathis knew but casino royale mathis of what he knew, Both Men knowing all of their own Knowlage max damage 2 less of what the other knew. Please state in the title what media your theory is specifically related to.


End of Mathis


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